In this section anything goes, here is where our gift gurus apply their professional expertise and thoughtfulness to custom create a gift basket that is perfectly personalized on your behalf. These custom creations are our specialty and promise to impress. SPILL THE TEA! We need some information about the recipient, likes AND dislikes! What's their favorite drink? You could recall a fun memory or inside joke even provide a quirky quote. They could enjoy or not the outdoors, a sport or team, a job, a special flavour, a joke, a color, an activity like boating, sleeping, camping, snowboarding, farming, swimming, playing or watching hockey or basketball or curling. Their style could be rustic, modern, scandinavian, eclectic or traditional. The old, the new, and everything in between, give us something, anything, everything!! 

*Please allow additional time for processing as these are all made up upon order. Availability is subject to change without notice*

Custom Creation by DOM

  • Possibilities are endless.

  • *Please allow additional time for processing*

    *Availability is subject to change without notice*