Have a health nut on your list? These baskets are filled with healthier options. This is how you send treats to a Health Nut or someone on a diet.

Health Nut

  • $85: This gift includes apple chips, Snack mix, Olives, Soup seasoning, trail mix, salad dressing, Almonds, Antipasto, Simpkins Mixed Fruit Candy, Napkins.

    $135: This gift includes snack mix, ginger candy, sparkling water, guacamole mix, Salad Dressing, Almonds, Antipasto, Apple chips, mustard, dark chocolate cranberries, trail mix, pretzels, edgy veggie crackers, Smoked Salmon, Munchies, Simpkins Mixed Fruit Candy, Napkins.

  • *We reserve the right to substitute any item with a product of smilar or better value.