This gourmet gift basket is full of delightful goodies. The basket is the perfect gift for any occasion. Sure to include something sweet, savoury, salty & crunchy.

Sweet and Savoury

  • Small - $75: This basket includes crackers, snackmix, pretzel, dip, mustard, chocolate truffle, mixed fruit candies, napkins

    Medium - $130: This gift basket includes crackers, popcorn, chocolate covered almonds, brie cheese, antipasto, red pepper jelly, snack mix, truffles, peanuts, pretzels, mixed fruit candies, napkins  

    Large - $220: This gift basket includes crackers, popcorn, snack mix, 2 brie cheeses, red pepper jelly, antipasto, ice wine tea, jelly beans, figs, ginger candy, mustard, pretzel, ready to eat dip, chocolate covered pistachios, biscotti, chocolate, ginger candy, chips, maple cookies, peanuts, mixed fruit candies, napkins.

    Extra Large - $350: This gift basket includes, sparkling cider, crackers, popcorn, chocolate covered pretzel, garlic pepper brie, camembert brie cheese with bamboo knifes, chips, chocolate nuts, figs, shortbread cookies, hot sauce, salad dressing, bruschetta, antipasto, red pepper jelly, pretzels, truffles, olive paste, chocolate covered pistachios, hot chocolate, coffee, lindor chocolate, biscotti, maple cookies, pepperettes, licorice, coffee, apple chips, chips, jelly beans, chocolate bark, maple candies, maple ice wine tea, pretzels, ready to eat dip, kalamata paste, olives, snack mix, trail mix, mixed fruit candies, napkins

  • *We reserve the right to substitute any item with a product of smilar or better value.

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