Truly an impressive grouping of shareable, ready to eat, sweet&savoury treats. Available in 3 sizes!

Office Party

  • $85: This basket includes Sugar Cookies, SnackMix, Crackers, Pretzel, Chocolate Pistachios, Hot chocolate, Snowflake, Simpkins Mixed Fruit Candy, Napkins.

    $125: This basket includes, Sugar cookies, Hot chocolate, Biscotti, Cider, Pretzel, antipasto, chips, ma's buttercrunch, snack mix, Mixed Fruit Candy, Napkins.

    $160: This basket includes Hot Chocolate & Cookie Tower,  Snack Mix, Brie, Pretzel, Chocolate Pistachios, Caramel Popcorn, CocoCashews, Crackers, Ma's Kitchen, Simpkins Mixed Fruit Candy, Napkins.

    $275: This basket includes Lindor Megaball, Tea, Pretzels, Ma's Kitchen, Brie with spreader, Olives, Red Pepper Jelly, Antipasto,  Crackers, Salami, Maple Cookies, chocolate Pretzels, Sugar cookies, Snack carafe, Chocolate Almonds, Holiday Coffee, Hot chocolates, Snack Mix, Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans, Trophy Nuts, Simpkins Mixed Fruit Candy, Napkins.

  • *We reserve the right to substitute any item with a product of smilar or better value.